john brown advertising is a full service marketing communications agency based in upstate New York,
specializing in television and radio advertising.

       With more than 30 years of Madison Avenue experience, we bring big city ideas at small town prices. Our main job is to persuade. And we do that by understanding that your customers have emotional needs for your products, not just performance needs.
       We use a formula all marketers use:


       As in math, the higher the numerator and the lower the denominator the greater the value. However, Performance is extremely difficult for a marketer to increase. And in most cases, Price is equally difficult to decrease. So how does john brown advertising increase the value? We add something to the numerator:


      While Performance messages may reach the customer's head, Emotion messages reach the heart. We not only persuade by shaping what people think of a product. We also shape the way
they feel.
       An example of how we use emotion can be seen in a TV special we wrote and produced for Camp Good Days and Special Times, a show that ran on all 4 broadcast networks simultaneously. Click on the Camp Good Days logo and take a look:

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